SD-333 334 electric coil air heater

Short Description:

Voltage: 110-127V ,220-240V

Power: 800W-1800W

Tube material: Stainless steel(201/304/316)

Tube size: Customizable

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The Coil air heater, those metal components that get red-hot and generate heat, are the most important parts of any range. When the elements fail to heat properly, it's time to replace them. It's a simple procedure any electric stove owner can easily accomplish in a few minutes' time. You can usually identify a burnt-out element by blistering or small holes on the element's coils. A burner that plugs into a receptacle is easy to test, just unplug the non-heating burner, plug it into another working receptacle, restore the power to the range, and test it. If the burner works, you know its original receptacle is probably faulty. If it doesn’t work in the good receptacle, the burner is bad and must be replaced. Do not be alarmed if a new element smokes a little when you first use it. This is a factory-applied green coating, that prevents scratches during shipment, burning away.

Tube material:SUS304/ SUS321/SUS310s /incoloy840 /incoloy800 .
Tube diameter: φ6.3mm / φ6.6mm/ φ8.0mm



Product name:

SD-333 334 electric coil air heater


110-127V ,220-240V



Tube material:

Stainless steel(201/304/316)

Tube size:




Single packing:

Bubble bag/PE bag with hanging card


Product Details


Fine workmanship, processing with supplied drawings.


Terminal pieces of coil air heater are usually welded.


All heating tubes are oxidized at high temperature.


Adopt precise oil pressure mold:
Improve the internal density of coil aire heater, improve service life of the electric heating tube.


Zhenjiang Splendid Electric and Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of coil air heater manufacturer, was founded in 1991, with nearly 30years of production experience and more than 10 years export experience.


Common Questions

(1) What is the mainly usage of coil air heater?
A: This product is mainly used for electric oven, air fryer and other electric appliances.

(2) What is the temperature of the coil air heater? Is it acid and alkali resistant?
A: 800 ℃ c of heat-resistant, limit the long-term use of heat-resistant up to 650 ℃, 5% concentration, salt fog test standard last 48 hours.

(3) How is the surface of the coil air heater treated?
A: After 1050 ℃ on the surface of c protection furnace atmosphere nitriding treatment.

Packing and Delivery

There are many types of package for coil air heater, common used are bubble bag, PE bag, etc.


Quality Control

Before shipping, each product will undergo quality testing to ensure smooth sales for customers and safe use for consumers

QC of electric floating water heater for bath


Q1:What’s your MOQ?
A:Usually the MOQ of each model is 3000 pcs ,but we can accept trial order which the quantity less than 1000pcs.

Q2:Are you factory or trading company?
A:We’re professional manufacturer of the immersion water heater , heating tube and extension cord.

Q4:How many days for mass production?
A:It usually takes 25-30 days after order confirmation, for exact times, it depends on the quantity of your need.

Q5:Where is your factory located?
A:Our factory located in Danyang City ,Jiangsu province and which is near Changzhou city.

Q6:What is your payment terms?
A:30% deposit before the production , the balance payment paid before the delivery.

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