SD-258 portable immersion heating element for travel

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1. The high quality for tube material—stainless steel tube with fused.

2. The minimum water level

3. The maximum water level

4. Protect extension cords

5. Travel bag

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Never have to drink a lukewarm beverage ever again!

The portable immersion heating element is great for heating up water, tea, coffee, soup, broths and much more. If you love taking your time to drink, eat or enjoy things, this handy little gadget is perfect for you. You no longer have to keep reheating your coffee or tea while you work, read your book, watch TV or do other activities.

Simply submerge the immersion heating element into your drink and it will quickly heat it up without use of a microwave which uses radiation that can be harmful. This works much better than a cup warmer which will still make your drink cold over time while not being able to reheat it. This immersion heating element is very sturdy and made of stainless steel and heavy-duty plastic.

It’s also efficient at maximizing the space of small areas. Makes a great gift for college students living in dorms travelers and people who enjoy convenience.




Easy to Use – Simply clip it onto your mug to submerge, plug it in, unplug when it reaches your desired temperature, wait 15 seconds, then remove from liquid.

Fast – Powered by 300 Watts, it heats up liquids almost instantly!

Versatile – Great for heating up water, tea, coffee, soup broths, and much more. Only use on thin liquids that have the consistency of water.

Portable – It’s super lightweight making it perfect for travel, dorm, home, and office use.
Space-Saver – It’s so compact that you could carry it in your pocket. Great for maximizing space in small areas.


The plug can be customized according to your needs.

various plug of immersion water heater


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Single packing of electric floating water heater for bath
transportation of electric floating water heater for bath

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QC of electric floating water heater for bath

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