SD-230 electric floating water heater for bath

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Tube material:Aluminum /Iron/Stainless steel(201/304/316)

Tube length:140-200MM

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SD-230 electric floating water heater for bath





Tube material:

Aluminum /Iron/Stainless steel(201/304/316)

Tube length:




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color box

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Customizable tube material
We can provide Aluminum/iron/stainless steel(304/321/316/202) of tube for you to choose .Please pay attention the immersion heater can only use to heat water ,It cannot be used to heating oil or other liquids.

handle of electric floating water heater for bath

Customizable handle color & Logo
Waterproof handle, more safe to use. Customized handle color, also can put customer LOGO ,voltage and power on handle.

plug of electric floating water heater for bath

Customizable plug
The plug type can be changed according to the requirements of each country ,Such as color ,length ,wire gauge etc.

There are many kinds of plugs that can be connected to the immersion water heater, just choose the one you need.

various plug of immersion water heater


Zhenjiang Splendid Electric and Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D, production and sales of electric immersion water heater, heating elements, power cords, was founded in 1991, with more than 20 years of production and export experience.

The electric floating water heater for bath shown in this page is our hot sell products. the power can be made from 1000W-2000w, to satisfy customers different request, have good feedback from customer. perfect use for home, hotel or travel. It has floating handle, its waterprrof and will be floated in the water, very convenience use to bath and barrel.

This floating water heater can boil water quickly, economical and practical, easy to use, is a good helper for home life.

Voltage, power, pipe, handle color, wire, and package can be customized according to customer requirements.


Operating Guide

1. Place the electric immersion water boiler in your container by hanging it over the lip (side) on the inside of the mug or pot.

2. Fill the container to the designated level on your immersion heater (do not submerge the heater and make sure the coils are not exposed to air).

3. Plug your immersion heater into the power outlet. Monitor the contents of the container for boiling over the sides and for overheating. When the liquid is hot, unplug the immersion heater from the outlet and wait a few minutes before the immersion heater cool off.

Hints and Tips

--- Do not use the portable immersion heater if the heater itself or any part of it is faulty.

--- Don't leave a electric heater warming without supervision.

--- Don't put your hand into the liquid when the element is plugged in. Don't keep electric heater in boiling water more than 3 minutes.

--- Don't place the water heater into soapy and alkaline solutions.

--- Keep out of reach of children.

--- Avoid dipping the Bakelite handle into the water.

--- No working without any water or little water.

--- Plug the portable immersion heater into a suitable power socket supplying the right voltage. Once the water has reached the desired temperature, unplug the portable immersion heater again and remove the device from the container.

--- Do not place on heat-sensitive objects or surfaces!

--- The portable immersion heater will remain hot for some while after use. Fire risk!

--- Please set the portable immersion heater down with care.

--- Do not use the portable immersion heater if the heater itself or any part of it is faulty.

Packing And Delivery

Our company has a variety of product packaging can be used for immersion water heaters, respectively color box, PE bag with hanging card , blister card , travel bag and so on.


Quality Control

100%  quality testing before shipment to ensure smooth sales for customers and safe use for consumers.

QC of electric floating water heater for bath

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