SD-216 217 portable 1000w Immersion water heater for bathroom

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Voltage: 110-127V ,220-240V

Power: 800W-1500W

Tube material: Aluminum /Iron/Stainless steel(201/304/316)

Tube length: 160-200MM

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FP-216 Portable 1000w Immersion water heater for bathroom


110-127V ,220-240V



Tube material:

Aluminum /Iron/Stainless steel(201/304/316)

Tube length:




Single packing:

Color box/PE bag+hanging card/blister card

Product Details


Customizable tube material

We can provide Aluminum/iron/stainless steel(304/321/316/202) of tube for you to choose .Please pay attention the immersion heater can only use to heat water ,It cannot be used to heating oil or other liquids.


Customizable handle color & Logo

Waterproof handle, more safe to use. Customized handle color, also can put customer LOGO, voltage and power on handle.

plug of electric floating water heater for bath

Customizable plug

The plug type can be changed according to the requirements of each country, Such as color, length, wire gauge etc.

There are many kinds of plugs that can be connected to the immersion water heater, just choose the one you need.

various plug of immersion water heater


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Zhenjiang Splendid Electric and Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional R&D, production and sales of immersion water heater manufacturers, was founded in 1991, with more than 20 years of production and export experience.
The portable immersion water heater shown in this page is one of our best sellers. It has a hook on the handle for hanging from the wall of the water bucket.
It can boil water quickly, economical and practical, easy to use, is a good helper for home life.
Voltage, power, pipe, handle color, wire can be customized according to customer requirements, large quantity and preferential price, welcome to inquire.


How to Use

The immersion heater can only used to heat water. It can not be used to heating oil or other liquids.
Check that the mains voltage is the same appearing in the handle of the apparatus.
Do not use in bathrooms.
Caution: Do not touch the hot water while the immersion heater is working.
The heating can be achieved in high use temperatures that may cause burns if the device is touched. Also pay attention to not touch hot parts of the appliance adjacent cables or other objects.
After disconnecting the heater
Immersion is still hot for a few moments and therefore should not be touched or placed on surfaces that could be damaged.
Always allow to cool before storing.
Operate the device secure.
Never leave the immersion heater unattended while using.

Unplugged before

• Leave the room for a short time.
• In case of breakage.
• Remove from the water.
-Children are not aware of the dangers that may occur while handling the appliances. So never leave children use appliances.
Under no circumstances put in Operating immersion heater if the device or cable show visible damage. The cable can not be replaced and if damaged, the heater has to be discarded.
- Before using the appliance for first recommend that you sterilize the heater clean water 5 times without using that water.

Cleaning And Maintenance

- Before cleaning, disconnect the appliance and let cool. There needs to be cleaned and special maintenance. In case of large accumulation of lime recommend enter it in a glass of water with vinegar.

- The heating is according to the safety standards, and construction not support repair.

Packing and Delivery

Our company has a variety of product packaging can be used for immersion water heaters, respectively color box, PE bag with hanging card, blister card, travel bag and so on.

transportation of electric floating water heater for bath
Single packing of electric floating water heater for bath

Quality Control

Before shipping, each product will undergo quality testing to ensure smooth sales for customers and safe use for consumers

QC of electric floating water heater for bath

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