Top 3 Benefits of Immersion Heater

An immersion electric water heater is an essential equipment component for many industries that require the heating of large quantities of fluid, and is an cost effective and energy efficient way to heat liquids stored in tanks, barrels and other containers.

How do immersion heaters work?

Despite different designs and advantages of immersion heaters, they have the same function and purpose. Made up of tube bundles that efficiently transmit heat, immersion heaters are generally attached on the side of the tank and entirely immersed, with the heating coil directly exposed to the material inside the tank or container, transmitting the heat it creates to the liquid around it.

Common applications

Immersion heaters are used widely in different applications, and here some common applications are listed below.

l Water

Immersion heaters for water assist workers in making sure their project run by keeping water hot in processes that require it, especially during freezing winter months. Besides, immersion heaters can be used for wastewater management.

l Viscous liquids

Viscosity maintenance can be challenging. For products like wax, oil, or gas, colder temperatures result in higher viscosity and slower moving materials. Immersion heaters can help you reach and maintain the appropriate viscosity level.

l Hazardous chemicals

Immersion heaters are critical for maintaining controlled temperatures of gas, petroleum, sewage, and other hazardous chemicals.

Benefits of an immersion heater

There are so many other industrial heating options, and why should you pick an immersion heater? Continue reading to learn more about its notable benefits.

l Effectiveness

An immersion heater is a fantastic alternative if you want to heat big volumes of material quickly, for it can save a lot of electricity.

l Less maintenance

The immersion heater element requires little maintenance, so that your facility is able to remain operational with minimal downtime for maintenance or repairs.

l Adaptability

Its versatility allows the immersion heater to be able to heat a wide range of materials, which can help your business a lot because you don’t have to buy another equipment for the heating of new materials.

Post time: Aug-04-2022