How to verify the high quality electric heating tube

The most intuitive way to verify the merits of the electric heating pipe is to wipe the surface of the electric heating pipe first, and then connect to the AC 220V power supply, dry burning in the air, the surface of the red power after the electric heating pipe is completely cooled, wipe with napkin, white paper should have no black oxide powder (not with the oxygen reaction in the air), indicating that the electric heating pipe is of high quality.

Carbon fiber heating element is the most competitive high-tech material in this century, its appearance in the field of electric heating set off a new revolution, carbon fiber heating element instead of metal heating element will become an inevitable trend.

1. Product introduction

The heating element base material of this product is imported material, with the advantages of large power allowance, high temperature resistance, high heat ability, long service life, and the power can be adjusted at will.

Carbon fiber quartz electric heating tube products, in line with GB/T2423.3-1993 electronic and electrical product base

This Environmental Test Procedure, Test CA: Constant Humid Heat Test Method and GB4706.1-1992 General Safety Requirements for Household and Similar Electrical Appliances.

Two, product performance characteristics (electric heating pipe)

1. Stable electrical performance

After energizing, the power of carbon fiber quartz electric heater is stable within a certain tolerance range in frequent starting, closing and long-term continuous work, and it will not produce any instantaneous power shock.

2, high thermal efficiency, energy saving more than 30% than the general metal heating element, heating speed is extremely fast carbon fiber heating element is a pure black body material, so it has the characteristics of rapid heating, small thermal hysteresis, uniform heating, long heat radiation transfer distance, fast heat exchange speed and so on.

In the process of work, the light flux is far less than the electric heating tube of metal heating body, and the electric heat conversion efficiency is as high as 95% above (that is to say, you use 1000W ordinary electric heating tube, and only need 700W when using carbon fiber electric heating tube).

Post time: Jul-31-2021