Everything You Need to Know about Grill Heating Tube

A grill is an economical and practical electric stove, consisting of three parts: shell, inner box and door, in which the heating tube is installed inside the grill. The grill completes heating mainly using its grill heating element to emit radiant heat. With simple structure and high thermal efficiency, the heating tube can be used for heating of various liquids and acid and alkali salt. Today, let’s learn some essentials of the heating tube.

Types of heating tubes

There are mainly two types of heating tubes for a grill: tubular heating element and quartz glass heating tube.

Tubular heating element: With the shell of coated with far-infrared coating, the tubular heating element is equipped with a joint seal assembly with fastening nuts at both ends. Joint sealing assembly consists of metal sleeve and hollow bolt. Magnesium oxide powder is filled between the resistance wire inside the tube and the steel tube, the hollow bolt is connected to the resistance wire, and the sleeve and the hollow bolt are fixed with insulated ceramic pieces pre-separated from each other.

Quartz glass heating tube: Quartz glass heating tube can absorb radiation from electric heating wire, and can convert the radiation into far-infrared radiation, so it has good absorption characteristics, high efficiency of electric heat conversion and high working temperature, and its radiation performance does not degenerate even after long-term use. Due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable thermochemical properties, and high insulation strength, quartz glass heating tube is suitable for household appliances, such as ovens.

How to use the grill heating tube?

The tubular grill heating elements must be well insulated from the grill body, so you should pay attention to this point. To make the tubular heating elements insulated from the grill body, you need to first fix a porcelain insulator with excellent heat resistance, high strength and low water absorption rate on the grill body, and then insert the heating tube into the porcelain insulator. Other similar double insulation methods can also be used, that is, the heating tube makes the electric heating wire insulated from the outer steel wall.

Where to buy the right grill heating tube?

When choosing a grill heating tube, you must find a reliable heating element manufacturer that provides high quality products. Zhenjiang Splendid Electric and Tools Co., Ltd. has been a professional heating element and extension cord manufacturer for the integration of production, research, design and marketing since its establishment in 1990. Splendid has a full set of advanced production equipment and experienced senior engineers, so as to meet the various needs of customers.

Post time: Jun-17-2022